SFS Proactive Portfolios

Finding opportunity in the changing market environment is the basis for the SFS Proactive Portfolios. Applying various tactical approaches to these portfolios gives the SFS investment team flexibility to research and initiate a wide range of strategies. Momentum, weighting, and alternative investments are key tools that help the SFS Proactive Portfolios deliver active strategies for investors who want to take advantage of what is happening now.

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SFS Proactive Power Yield The SFS Power Yield seeks to identify major turning points in fixed income to capture gains and minimize losses. It's signals come from an academically-proven factor: momentum. Depending on the current trend, this portfolio can invest up to 100% in aggressive bonds or conservative bonds. It may even use cash to protect while waiting for the next opportunity for growth.    Learn More >

SFS Proactive Income Strategies SFS Income Strategies is an actively managed income portfolio for investors who want some protection from stock market risk. It stays diversified at all times and has flexibility to make changes based upon opportunities in bonds. This portfolio has had positive returns in years when interest rates have fallen and years when they have risen, including 2009, 2013, and 2016.    Learn More >

SFS Proactive Conservative Growth SFS Conservative Growth is actively managed for investors who want low-volatility growth without major market risk. SFS utilizes a combination of cash, income, and stocks to preserve and grow this portfolio. The management team has flexibility to go up to 25% in stocks to capitalize on opportunities or up to 50% in cash to reduce risk.    Learn More >

SFS Proactive Protected Growth SFS Protected Growth has an objective of moderate growth and moderate risk. Its primary focus is performance with low drawdown. High risk-adjusted returns are achieved using a combination of macro-economic analysis and technical indicators. It is actively managed with a combination of stocks, bonds, and cash.    Learn More >

SFS Proactive Strategic Growth SFS Strategic Growth has an objective of growth to the upside with moderate risk. Its primary focus is performance. High risk-adjusted returns are pursued using a combination of macro-economic analysis and technical indicators. It combines long-term factors with short term momentum with a goal of achieving above average returns.    Learn More >

SFS Proactive Tactical Opportunities SFS Tactical Opportunities seeks to provide investors with diversified growth in investment assets that have strong performance relative in the current economic environment. By overweighting "what's working," Tactical Opportunities seeks to grow assets in up-markets and reduce risk in down-markets.    Learn More >

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